Why Stage?


What is Home Staging and what will Staging Do for You?



Staging is the art of preparing your home for sale.

Staging is showcasing, which is the magic that happens when you arrange accessories and furniture that targets your buyer, giving your house the edge over your competition.

Staging impacts a buyer through how your house makes them feel.

You look at your house as the place filled with memories you have created.

A buyer looks at your house as the place where their memories will be created.


As real estate psychologists, Stellar Stagings & Redesigns creates opportunities for the buyer to fall in love with your house.


FACT: Numbers don’t lie – Staged houses spend 67% less time on the market.  60 days on the market when staged vs. 181 days unstaged.


FACT: Curb appeal starts online. You have 5-8 seconds to capture a buyer with your listing photos.  Professionally staging your home with us gives you Stellar photos that put you on buyers’ “must see” list.


FACT: Every home deserves a consultation, and we have services within every budget.  Homegain.com reported that an investment of only $500.00 in staging will give you a 299% return on your investment – that’s $1,500!


FACT: The average age of a seller is 57; average age of a buyer is 32.  Does your house appeal to a younger demographic?  You’re not just selling a home; you’re selling a buyer their future lifestyle.


FACT: 95% of people buy based on their first impression.  In Buyology, Martin Lindstrom asserts that within 30 seconds of entering your home, a buyer will decide if your house “feels” right.



Consider this…

Car dealerships stage all the time.  Would you ever look at, much less buy, a pre-owned car that wasn’t cleaned and detailed?  You would probably not give it the time of day.  It’s the same with home buyers – they will connect to a cleaned and staged home over one that hasn’t been touched.